nature through a new lense

Nature Photography Class

Learn to capture nature’s beauty using just your smartphone.

No expensive cameras necessary

Join local artist, Zac Cody, in a 45 minute workshop on nature photography using smart phones.  Zac has been photographing midwestern nature scenery for years, and will share techniques in setting up a great photograph using just your smartphone.  Taking light, lines, focus, and composition in to account, you’ll stroll around the Wabash Heritage Trail to practice your new skills and get immediate feedback from Zac.  See more of Zac Cody’s work on his Instagram @zacs_art_creations.  

Two Sessions

We’ll have 2 workshops, with a capacity of 8 people per session. This ensures a comfortable and supportive environment for all participants.

Choose from the following class times:
• 9 AM
• 10 AM

Rain or Shine

Don’t let a little drizzle dampen your spirits! We’ll continue with the classes in light rain. However, in case of thunderstorms, the sessions will be postponed until the weather clears up.

Just your phone

This isn’t a class for master photographers, and it doesn’t require fancy equipment!  We want you to be able to capture photos of the natural beauty around you with just your smart phone.